Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ambulance Interior for Volkwagen - 2011 Master Thesis

Ambulance interior project for Volkswagen

This was my master thesis project for Volkswagen. I proposed the new type of ambulance interior design for the future.
Two important tasks for this project were decreasing the morality rate due to misdiagnosis and saving time in the action process of emergence situation.
The solution that I came up with for these two tasks was, I tried to put scanning system into this ambulance interior. The reason why I did it was, Ambulance workers can do first aid to emergence patient with certain states of patient from scanning system at the accident spot, so they can decrease the probability of misdiagnosis. And after first aid, the data of the states of patient is transferred to the hospital before ambulance get the hospital, so doctors can save time to prepare the right operation for emergence patient.
The design keywords were “ simple and clean

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