Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bmw sketch

BMW exterior sketches

 This concept was inspired by architect “ Toyo Ito ”. I thought that, he considered about “ Interactivity ” between his works and our environment or nature. For example, the main concept of “ the tower of wind “ that he designed  was to show us sort of interactivities that the light of this building is changing according to intensity and direction of wind. In my project, I considered about interactivity between car and human or our environment. Because of I thought that in the future, the car in our every single day life will be different which is more smarter and more intelligent way to use. The car will be able to react to the driver in various way using the light, smell, sound, touch or something. Also this way would be more emotional way to communicate between car and human. Also I tried to show various new front faces for next generation 6 series coupe. The Idea was from those words “ combination or connection between kidney grills and head lamps ”. 

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